About Us

Jaime Wiggins

Owner / Cake Baller

Amazeballz is the best dream that owner, Jaime Wiggins, never knew she had. After 20 years in corporate she stumbled upon a happy accident…learning how to make cake balls. Perfecting it! She never knew it would become what it is today!

Jaime used to make cake balls at home and bring them to her office so her and her husband wouldn’t eat them all. Then one day a co-worker asked if she would take a paying order. Once her co-workers heard she took an order, they all wanted some!

For 5 months, Jaime worked 8 am to 5 pm, came home and had dinner with her husband, and then got in the kitchen to work on orders. After 5 months she quit her job and became a home baker. A year later, she rented space at a rental kitchen to test the waters. Soon enough, she realized she could have her own shop!

She has built 3 stores in 3 years and has hired amazing decorators to make Amazeballz a full service bakery. While specializing in cake balls, Amazeballz also offers cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more! She owes everything to her family, friends and customers who have supported her along this journey, especially her husband who puts up with all the long hours.

She is also grateful to 99.5 The Wolf, especially DJ Lisa Taylor, and Earl Nadel of Center Stage Events, LLC. Amazeballz has gotten to do some orders for big names in Country music along with cakes for Justin Timberlake and P!nk! Here’s to the future!

Wall of Fame

Winner of Best Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth from Plano Magazine 2016, 2017, 2018.

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